Our Business is Making Your Business Healthy

The Company Doctors has a solid reputation for providing hands on solutions to address Efficiency, Business Development/Sales weakness and Company Profitability. Our strict standards and unwavering work ethic are part of what makes us a favored company with the ideal bedside manner.

Typical Results

Need an Expert to help improve your business?

Monthly Heath Plan - Business Subscription!

  • (2) On-site visits per month from "The Company Doctors"
  • Weekly Phone Consultation
  • Review of Company Strategies w/ recommended corrective actions
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Business Development strategies
    • Efficiency / Productivity / Metrics
    • Financial reviews - cash flow, ratios, etc
    • Leadership /  Skills training opportunities
    • Change Management Techniques
    • Personnel issues
  • 30% Discount on all Project work or Skills Training
  • No Contracts (Cancel Anytime)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

$395 a Month

Project Mangement (PPM)!

Why PPM:  "A Company has a temporary unique project that needs to be Expertly managed while having limited resources but needs to be on Budget, On-Time, and have people work effectively to minimize disruption."

  • P.P.M. is a dedicated 1/2 day a week on-site & off-site 
  • P.P.M. consolidates 15-20 hrs of work into 1/2 a day to improve efficiency
  • P.M. handles - Initiating, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Close out
  • Weekly follow-up with team members (Phone, Email, & In person
  • Facilitation of Steering team weekly meeting & summary to Executive Team
  • Excel Action Plan w/ to do list - Owner, due date, next steps & Gantt Chart
  • No Contracts (Cancel Anytime)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

$600 a Week

1/2 Day Power Sessions!


Cycle times reduced up to 90%            -          WIP (Work in Process) reduced up to 80%
Productivity up by 50%                 -           Space utilization improves up to 75%
Quality improves by 80%                        -        Sales increases from 5%-25% (some higher)

"46 Companies saved & counting as of January 2017!"

Jump Start your Business with 1 of our 14 Half Day Power Sessions - Only $495 per session!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bus. Development                              LEAN/Efficiency                             Quickbooks #1                                      Quickbooks #2                                   Supply Chain Optimizatin

Buy/Sell Business                           Website/SEO analysis                       Sales& Ops Planning                           Strategic Planning                               Tips to Implement ERP

                                    Commerical Lease                   How to Borrow Money                 ISO 9001:2015 GAP analysis                 LEAN office GAP                  

Onsite Skill Training!

Improve your business performance by improving your employees skills with 1 of our 219 courses
Courses are 8 hrs each
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

$600 for 1/2 days

$1,000 for full days

Rack Permitting Service (High Pile Storage)!

We are experts at helping company's get their High Pile Storage Permit with the City for their racking!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
1) Make an Appointment
2) The Company Doctor's will come out assess the issues & discuss cures
3) Review the $$ value of the Cures
4) Review the Four options to cover project/cure cost