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 Week of 11/16 - Business Questions were selected and Answered

November 21, 2020

BY Wm. Randy McKinley President/CEO The Company Doctors

Alan - California Question:

"How do I stop having orders get lost in my shop.  We aren't technical experts.  What can I do...we are a job shop.  EDM, CNC, Welding, Forming, assembly, shipping?"

 Debbie -  Washington Question:

"I have an Accounting team and with virtual work how do I manage more effectively. I feel my revenue is dropping and seem to be getting less efficient. How do I a manage a remote group effectively?"

Joe - Arizona Question:

"I am a job shop and when should I outsource to get something done.  I don't know what makes the most sense?"

 John - Texas Question:

"I have manufacturing reps across the US, but was thinking of hiring a sales managers for the East and West. What do you think?"

John - Texas Question:

"We are a manufacturer and make products for contractors. Our Business is seasonal and moves up and down. The problem is we have skilled employees and when we layoff it is hard to hire. We have a hard time flexing down. What is the best way to approach this situation?"  

Nathan - Nevada Question:

"I would like to build a budget for my company but I don't know where to start. I am ok with excel and word, but not great. I have a Bookkeeper and do get a monthly summary."  

Tina - Nebraska Question:

"How do I handle the downturn of our market, since we are an aerospace business. The drop off to the business really hurts. Should we try and merge, or buy a competitor. The only issue is we are limited on money. What do you think?"  

General Questions: 

"How long does it take to raise money?"

"Should I blog?"

"What should a CEO salary be?"

"I have been in business for 6 years and my business doesn't seem to be growing. It is even slowing. What should I do?"

"Where should I incorporate?"

"Should I hire a professional CEO?"  

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